The National Peanut Board wanted a :30 television commercial to create awareness about in shell peanuts. This was shot on 16mm film.

Coach K Duke March Madness

A Long time ago… CBS Sports hired us to shoot the Local portion of this super secret promotion. Coach K is a humble, polite, and kind person. Sports enthusiasts are sometimes surprised by this, since they only see him in action… where it might appear that he is just an intense personality. He isn’t. He’s…

Pantano for Congress

A few years ago Ilario Pantano ran for congress in Wilmington, NC. This was one of the commercials we shot for his campaign. It was a single camera shoot using a small jib to get the movement in the shots.

Cameron Village Raleigh NC

Cameron Village Raleigh NC needed a commercial for an annual pre-Christmas event. They wanted footage of the actual event, but wanted something to use in the meantime. This temporary commercial was so well received that it’s been used for over 5 years in a row. It was also our first HD commercial.