Franklin Video is a full service video production company servicing North Carolina and the surrounding states. We strive to make sure you have an excellent product and enjoy the process of creating a professional video to meet your needs. Some of our clients include Burger King, Office Depot, HomeMax, Factory Stores of America plus we have done work for major television shows including “America’s Most Wanted” and “A Current Affair.”

Our services include but are not limited to:

Video Pre-Production

Before you start your video production project, it’s imperative to have make a clear plan. Due to the potential expense and time involved in producing a film project, having a solid blue print for each phase of your project is an indispensable tool for executing a film production project on time and ON BUDGET. Read More about Video Pre-Production

Video Production

This second phase of video production is where all the planning comes together.  From ENG and Commercial videos to documentary, Industrial to Corporate video production, Franklin Video can handle the full scope for you.  Read More About Video Production

Video Post Production

Post production is what happens after all the shooting is complete.  This video editing phase can often be the most important component of your video project.  Read More About Video Post Production