Video post production is how you put together all the footage, pictures, sounds and other pieces to finish creating your video.

Presently we have 3 post production video editing systems. We use Adobe products, not only because of the ease of integration with AfterEffects, Photoshop, and other staple Adobe programs, but because Premier Pro now offers unsurpassed Multiple Layer realtime editing. With the advent of the “Mercury Playback Engine” and 64 bit processing, we can edit up to 9 layers of Uncompressed Red footage in REALTIME. Take That… Final Cut! If you need to integrate with FinalCut… or other major non-linear systems…. NO PROBLEM. Premiere pro can seamlessly import or export a timeline in an XML format. Interfacing couldn’t be easier.

With today’s high speed internet and email we have unlimited access to graphics, motion graphics partners, and professional voice over talent from around the world. We can now pick and choose very talented resources without regard to geographic or studio scheduling constraints. It is Fast, Easy, and Much more Affordable than it ever was before! We can easily import graphic elements or treatments, music, voices, or just about anything else with incredible ease and speed. This business model is exceptionally versatile AND helps to keep budgets under control.