Video Pre-production is what you do before you shoot any video

When you build a building, you start with a blueprint. In pre-production we make “blueprints” of your project in the form of scripts, schedules and budgets. Whatever your level of video pre-production may be, we’ll walk you through the planning phase of your project step by step. We’ll help you decide on the format you need, the length of the program, cost alternatives, the time involved for production- every detail.

At every turn, we involve you in the decision making process. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of the production process when we start, you’ll be completely at ease with it by the time we reach the shooting and editing phases of your project.

We’ll help you design the right message using the most effective approach. Then we’ll put our experience to work to create powerful sounds and images that tell your story in an unforgettable way. From highly technical internal or business-to-business communication, to artful, emotionally charged image pieces, we’ve done it all. If you’ve got specific production related questions, give us a call or email.