Franklin Video Production in Raleigh, NC is one of the few production companies in the state of North Carolina that offers the Sony F55 CineAlta 4K Camera.

The F55 is one of the very few cameras available today that has a Global Shutter.  This means no “Jellycam”…. or “Rolling shutter”. The F55 has an amazing 14 stops of latitude. That means that there is a lot more information available in the lighter and darker areas of a shot. Detail remains that would otherwise be in the mud or blown out with cameras that don’t have this amazing degree of latitude. Pair this with the Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio lens, which has a servo zoom… and you have a formidable package.

We also have the Small HD DP 7, which incorporates false color, focus assist, and several other critical features to help assure that what is being shot… is going to be simply fabulous when you get to the edit bay to see what you’ve recorded.  I recently got a call from a production house that owns an Arri Alexa. They have a client who is now asking for the F55 over the Alexa. With the F55 we can shoot 4K and an HD proxy simultaneously in camera. This is an amazing advantage for several purposes.

If you’re going to post in HD 1920×1080, this allows you to shoot in 4K and gives you the ability to crop way in on a shot and lose no detail whatsoever. It is almost like having a two camera shoot, especially for those interviews where you need a closeup, but didn’t have the luxury of having a second camera to get that tighter shot.